Monday, 17 September 2007

PUG insanity

A very busy weekend of WoW (by my recent standards) got me to Revered with The Sha'tar, the rather nice Alchemist's Stone, and consequently made me totally skint.

It also let me put several ticks in the "stick with the shaman" box, which gives me a bit of a warm fuzzy feeling.

* Reason shamans are cool: Bloodlust on the boss fights

The Shattered Halls run I went on mainly for Thrallmar rep was one of those "LF healer, last spot" requests that we all love. The start of the run was a bit worrying - the tank and rogue didn't seem to want to wait for us mana users between fights, and the presence of an unguilded hunter always adds a slight shiver of apprehension.

However, the hunter turned out to be very competent, and it was a very quick, clean run with no deaths. Despite our first proper mana break being just before Warbringer O'mrogg.

* Reason shamans are cool: At the end of a fight you can throw a new Earth Shield on your impatient tank, then (mostly calmly) sit and drink while he starts on the next group. Just don't let him get too far out of range...

I then got a group together a group for Mechanar, with two other shamans from the guild, the hunter from the SH run, and a druid tank. It was pretty chaotic, partially because one of the shamans seemed to think the game was to win the threat meters, but with two off-healers and insane dps we got through it with a few wipes.

* Reason shamans are cool: When Pathaleon the Calculator got down to 50% all three shamans dropped their fire elementals, and the boss disappeared in a wave of orange. Scared the life out of the tank though - he thought they were boss adds!

A quick counterpoint to the "shortage of tanks" post, for the five instances I ran (Arcatraz (twice), Mechanar, Botanica and Shattered Halls) there were no problems finding a tank (two druids, two warriors and a paladin).

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