Monday, 24 September 2007


Not much play this weekend due to real life. I had a fairly bad LF1M: tank on friday night, just to contradict my previous optimism on the subject. After trying for a good while we gave up, and I went to level my NE hunter.

Managed to get a reasonable PUG to Shadow Labyrinth on Saturday, netted me some rep but still no Tidefury drop from Murmur. Need several more runs before I get to Revered though, so hopefully it'll drop on one of them.

I've got 9 horde characters on the server, plus the night elf. Which is a pain because it means he has no auction mule. I went to delete my level 6 orc warrior to make space, but just couldn't do it. I still have vague fantasy that I'd level him up one day to be a tank. I know this is a bad idea - I've already retired a level 60 prot warrior due to the frustrations of the class - you can't solo, tanking a bad PUG is a nightmare, the serious gear dependancy, etc. But, but... tanking is fun. Orcs are cool...

By coincidence, Kinless' recent post provided a valuable reality check / reinforcement to what I know already. Just need to keep reminding myself that I have a top-class healer, and that usually finding a group is fine.

In my maybe level stable:
Level 21 BE paladin. Can heal and tank - grouping will be easy. Also looks cool in plate armour, but I'm really not sure I'm all that keen on the class.
Level 34 NE hunter. Sure, they're common as mud. I want to see the game from the other factions view - if nothing else just strolling around Ironforge is pretty damn cool. And a hunter is perfect for this - for an alt that I'm rarely on, and who's the wrong faction so I can't keep an eye on LFG (even assuming people would want to group with him!), being a class who can solo the game is a bonus.
Level 32 NE druid. The advantages of the paladin, but can DPS as well. And stealth. I'm trying Balance at the moment, since I don't enjoy feral levelling. My gear is all wrong though, so it's not going very fast. There's also the slight issue that druids are probably the least popular healing class, due to only being able to res once every 30 minutes.

Update: Now Revered with the Mag'har.

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