Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Can I be bored of raiding already?

Maybe I am. 20 man raids at level 60 were fun, but perhaps that was because they were new to me then. Certainly Karazhan isn't as interesting as it used to be.

I got the gloves from the Maiden last night so I my healing gear I now consider good, rather than passable. I'm slightly scared I'll get the tier gloves from the Curator tonight, having beggared myself enchanting the new ones yesterday.

The latest on my alt-oholism, I have a level 16 rogue. This week's plan is that my alt is will be a grinding / exploring character (a slightly more stressful way of visiting alliance territory than using my NE hunter, while staying in guild chat!). I've had problems getting my head around rogues before (this is about my 5th), but having figured out MetaHUD things are looking better. I'm looking forward to lots of stealthing and lockpicking, meanwhile I have a standard combat swords levelling build.

I dusted off my shadow priest for the Moroes kill yesterday, and the troll-themed gear from Zul Aman is looking interesting on the test realms, but I don't really want to be a troll. And I'm busy reminding myself that my level 11 warrior should stay that way - the time commitment to gearing up a tank doesn't fit into my life these days.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Raid progression

My guild needs some - things are getting stale.

Our team 1 had cleared everthing in Karazhan except Nightbane before real life interfered, and team 2 is still regularly clearing the place. Team 3 - formed of some team 1 veterans, including some on alts, and some newer raiders, sometimes kills Aran, sometimes doesn't. But overall the guild has taken a step backwards.

We've had one "wipe night" attempt at Gruul's Lair which I've written about before. But it's beginning to feel like we need to go back there soon or interest will wane. Meanwhile I'm only in Kara farming gear and rep (I now have the belt from Moroes, and the Revered ring), which isn't really my idea of a good time. While I could do with new bracers (from Attumen) and new gloves (from Maiden or The Curator) to get rid of a couple pieces of sub-par gear I feel my gear is ready for the next step, and I'd certainly rather be wiping on something new than going over old ground again.

Monday, 1 October 2007


... Halls - don't go there without crowd control AND a decent tank - you can't just do one or the other it seems! I did two partial runs and one full run there over the weekend, ending up less than 300 points short of revered. Very disappointing, but at least I can complete the rep grind with just two daily quests.

Both partial runs called it a day just after The Gauntlet, with the side groups of Mortal Strike orcs and the big group with the Legionnaire causing us problems. Mortal Strike is a real nightmare to heal through if you're not a priest..

A bigger trauma for the weekend - having deleted my level 6 warrior on Thursday in order to free up a mule slot for my alliance hunter, I then recreated him and levelled him to 11 in my "spare" moments this weekend. Despite all the frustrations I know prot warriors face, the bad tank experience on Friday night had me wanting to tank again. And orcs are just much cooler than my retired undead warrior - I was recently in Shadow Lab with a perfectly good undead warrior but their short, hunched-over look puts me off being one again.

Bizarrely, an article on WoW Insider on the central gripe of the class - tank warriors are the least able of all classes to solo in their instance spec - had actually got me thinking fondly of warriors again before the run that put me over the edge...