Wednesday, 12 September 2007

More healing

I'm getting increasingly confident in my ability to main heal a 5-man group, although sometimes non-guildies don't share my confidence - at least at the start of a run.

I'm still wishing for an aggro dump (die + ankh + mana pot works nicely but you can't do it often...!). And although chain heal is lovely, you need to be on your toes to move into range of the melee or the ranged groups to make best use of it. While keeping track of totems and remembering to throw the occasional Bloodlust in.

I'm going to get my paladin to at least level 40, to get the mount and plate armour, and get a better idea of what I think of the class. On the one hand I'm cautious of levelling a tank because tanks are so gear dependant - and paladins especially so - that it's harder to be ready to step into that role than it is for a healer. On the other hand although I've been concentrating on gearing up my healing set on my shaman, in the process I've collected an enhancement set that's at least as good (although I'm not going to need it until I start levelling to 80), and an elemental set that's nearly as good.

As long as I stop wavering between my characters: it's a lot easier to gear one character for two roles than it is to gear two characters!

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