Saturday, 9 February 2008

Progress at last

After a long lay-off from 25 man raiding my guild finally made another visit to Gruul's Lair on Thursday night. With High King Maulgar it's all in the pull, and we generally weren't doing that part well. In the first hour we had one attempt that at least seemed to go OK at first, however after the Seer was down and the Warlock was below 50%, it all started to go wrong. We knew it was going to be a wipe but the DPS managed to kill Olm too. All the other attempts had failed much more quickly, and for a while it looked like the attempt with two adds down out of four would be the high point of the evening. The rest of the time we always seemed to lose either the main tank or the mage tank early on, at which point we were doomed.

Finally after re-clearing the trash we had an attempt were the mage tank and MT stayed alive, and although we lost the Olm tanks we managed to kill him and after that it all became simple. Adds three and four went down very fast and we were onto Maulgar. We were a bit worried about our mana levels, and that we had less than 20 of the raid still standing, but he also went down nice and smoothly. Much rejoicing in Vent and guild chat, tinged with a slight hint of disbelief.

Just to top off my evening I won my t4 shoulders with a roll of 100, so that's my luck used up for a while. I forget how many times I've killed the Curator, with never a sign of the shaman gloves, so I'm amazed I got the shoulders on the first kill.

We went on to Gruul, with two attempts (54% and 8%) before we had to break for the night, so his days are definitely numbered assuming we can get more consistent with the High King.

Looking forward to more guild first kills!

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