Monday, 11 February 2008

Curator glove token

finally drops...

... and I roll last out of the two other shaman and the paladin in the raid.

Relying on drops really sucks, although I shouldn't complain too much after winning the t4 shoulders the other day. The Prince didn't cooperate either - another priest / warrior / druid token, but I did get the healing mail legs from the Chess event, another reason not to grumble. I'm going to keep going to Kara for at least another 18 badges, and either the t4 gloves or helm, to get the first set bonus, but I've definitely farmed the fun out of it now. Or maybe I just shouldn't raid when I'm tired.

Badge loot is a much happier solution, although it tends to reduce the variety a little. But then again, that'd come down to another "kill 10 fozzles" type quest again, if all there was was badge loot.

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