Sunday, 3 February 2008


Attumen gave up his Whirlwind Bracers, so I'm slightly less bitter about Karazhan.

Still no token for me from the Curator though, so the grudge is still there. It was a good run - a paladin tank, two mages and a warlock made short work of the trash, and Nightbane was a good, challenging and ultimately successful fight, everything a boss should be. I was really enjoying my role as a healing shaman, with chain heal working its wonders on Nightbane and the Curator, and Nature's Swiftness, Bloodlust and my fire elemental all helping along the way.

Meanwhile my NE hunter is up to level 48, with a shiny new bow and 227 points in leatherworking. On balance I'm still for the Horde, although my biggest tie is to my guild. The Alliance definitely have things going for them though - Aerie Peak and other dwarf architecture, and the temple in Darnassus which I had to visit at the end of a quest are particularly cool, and you don't get time to appreciate them when you visit as a Hordie.

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