Thursday, 21 February 2008

Drawn to the Alliance

I'm quite keen to establish an Alliance character I feel comfortable with. My younger stepson was in Deadmines the other day with his dwarf paladin, in a group with 2 other dwarf pallies, a Nelf hunter and someone else. A couple of things struck me -
  1. Being in a group with a bunch of dwarfs is just much more appealing than a motley collection of undead and trolls. This is really down to my paper-based RPG background than anything else, but it just feels more right.
  2. I really like the way the camera height reflects your character, so as a dwarf a Nelf is really tall.
Hopefully my Alliance persona will turn out to be my hunter (since he's 49 already), but perhaps I'll find out after my ST experiment that healers are really who I am.

On the other hand there's something a bit sappy about the Alliance. Strength and Honour!

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