Monday, 1 October 2007


... Halls - don't go there without crowd control AND a decent tank - you can't just do one or the other it seems! I did two partial runs and one full run there over the weekend, ending up less than 300 points short of revered. Very disappointing, but at least I can complete the rep grind with just two daily quests.

Both partial runs called it a day just after The Gauntlet, with the side groups of Mortal Strike orcs and the big group with the Legionnaire causing us problems. Mortal Strike is a real nightmare to heal through if you're not a priest..

A bigger trauma for the weekend - having deleted my level 6 warrior on Thursday in order to free up a mule slot for my alliance hunter, I then recreated him and levelled him to 11 in my "spare" moments this weekend. Despite all the frustrations I know prot warriors face, the bad tank experience on Friday night had me wanting to tank again. And orcs are just much cooler than my retired undead warrior - I was recently in Shadow Lab with a perfectly good undead warrior but their short, hunched-over look puts me off being one again.

Bizarrely, an article on WoW Insider on the central gripe of the class - tank warriors are the least able of all classes to solo in their instance spec - had actually got me thinking fondly of warriors again before the run that put me over the edge...

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