Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Can I be bored of raiding already?

Maybe I am. 20 man raids at level 60 were fun, but perhaps that was because they were new to me then. Certainly Karazhan isn't as interesting as it used to be.

I got the gloves from the Maiden last night so I my healing gear I now consider good, rather than passable. I'm slightly scared I'll get the tier gloves from the Curator tonight, having beggared myself enchanting the new ones yesterday.

The latest on my alt-oholism, I have a level 16 rogue. This week's plan is that my alt is will be a grinding / exploring character (a slightly more stressful way of visiting alliance territory than using my NE hunter, while staying in guild chat!). I've had problems getting my head around rogues before (this is about my 5th), but having figured out MetaHUD things are looking better. I'm looking forward to lots of stealthing and lockpicking, meanwhile I have a standard combat swords levelling build.

I dusted off my shadow priest for the Moroes kill yesterday, and the troll-themed gear from Zul Aman is looking interesting on the test realms, but I don't really want to be a troll. And I'm busy reminding myself that my level 11 warrior should stay that way - the time commitment to gearing up a tank doesn't fit into my life these days.

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