Monday, 19 November 2007

If I'd known then what I know now

I've mentioned before that I have an alt problem. I currently have 10 characters over level 10 in addition to Grulnak, my 70 orc shaman (70 troll priest, 60 undead warrior, 45 orc warlock, 35 NE hunter, 33 undead mage, 32 NE druid, 22 BE paladin, 22 orc rogue, 20 human mage and 11 orc warrior) and a bunch more that I've deleted (34 orc hunter, 28 orc rogue, 22 human rogue, 16 troll mage, 14 orc hunter).

In an ideal world (say, one where I could play WoW all day and still get paid) I'd have known the lessons this legion have taught me from day 1:

  • Pick one (or a small number of) character(s) and stick with him/them.
  • Undead may be human-like, but their stooped posture and shambling walk make them unappealing characters to have.
  • Trolls may be the tallest, but they never stand up straight. Their sitting posture is quite cool though.
  • Male trolls look silly in robes.
  • The troll accent will never grow on me, despite the voodoo priest feel it gives.
  • Tanking as a warrior can be fun / awesome / stressful / exhasperating.
  • Grinding as fury rocks, grinding as protection sucks.
  • Warlocks may be grinding gods, and very tough to kill, but my heart just isn't in it.
  • Mages can destroy things in cool ways, but you spend a lot of time drinking.
  • Male humans have a constipated run and odd faces.
  • Female humans have a very vacant "idle" animation.
  • Be very careful what face / skin / etc you chose - it will be with you forever.
  • One day shamans will be perfectly viable main healers - don't spend time levelling a priest.
  • "For the Alliance" is slightly patronising... "For the Horde!" is a rallying cry.
  • Kill gnomes on sight. But they'll never really understand why you're doing it.

Having learned all this, I'd hence have the following chars:

  • Orc shaman: I may be biased, since this is my original character, but my main is still the character I'm happiest with. Damage and healing are a great combination, and although you're a jack of all trades, master of none, there is a definite place for you. And orcs just have a great look.
  • Night elf druid: The one thing I miss on my shaman is being able to buff people. I also miss being able to tank, although tanking in humanoid form (i.e. warrior or paladin) is more appealing. One side of me thinks I should stay loyal to one faction, another side says I miss half of the game that way.
  • A rogue of some sort (dwarf? human? orc?): Stealth, pickpocketing and sap make this a great fun class, and stuns give you a huge amount of control over a fight. A difficult class to pick up, and very difficult to master, make it less than ideal as an alt though.
  • Night elf hunter (or perhaps an orc): A much derided cliche, and you might find it hard to form or join a group, but the class has great tactical possibilities and soloing potential.
  • Orc or dwarf warrior: For the ability to wear lots of armour and carry a big axe. Although my shaman fulfils this need to some extent.

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