Friday, 17 August 2007


Yet again I'm wondering whether I should re-roll, but more on that later.

Last night highlighted a couple of the main issues with WoW at the end game, at least one of which is deeply embedded in the game design.

Our Kara team two had 9 people signed up for last night's run. We like to take 3 healers, and at least 1 priest (shadow or healer) - we didn't have one. We managed to find a non-guild priest, who unfortunately turned out to be a complete disaster, and after wiping 3 times on Moroes we called it a night. Given that we usually clear the place in 2 or 3 nights, this was rather frustrating.

Problem number 1: Karazhan - in particular the Moroes and Maiden fights - can't be done without a priest. Why design an instance for that small a group that needs one specific class? Why can't you just take 3 healing classes? OK, it might be harder without the right class balance, but it shouldn't be near-impossible (OK, it's almost certainly possible without one for the right over-powered team, but then why are they there in the first place?).

Supplements to problem 1: If Karazhan didn't need attunement we could have brought another guild priest. If Kara wasn't a raid on a long timer we could have borrowed a priest from team one. Given that we're trying to gear up to 25 man raids, it's a pain to be rigidly stuck into those 2 sub-groups in the meantime.

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