Tuesday, 24 July 2007


A reasonably complete list of goals. Except that by the time I've completed these I'll no doubt have another list...!

Pre-Kara healing list: 8/17
Complete Tidefury set (for the looks): 0/5

Tawny Windrider
Swift Brown Wolf (have the skill already, but don't want to spend the money until I can get to Arcatraz)
Netherdrake (to make the stepsons happy)

Revered with the Sha'tar (Alchemist's Stone recipe and key): Neutral
Revered with Lower City (Lower City Prayerbook and key): Neutral
Revered with the Scryers (Scryer's Bloodgem): Friendly
Revered with Thrallmar (Head enchant and key): Honoured
Revered with Cenarion Expedition (Transmute recipes and key): Honoured
Revered with Mag'har (Transmute recipe): Honoured
Revered with Sporeggar (Transmute recipe): Honoured
Revered with Keepers of Time (key): Friendly
Exalted with the Violet Eye (ring upgrades): Neutral

Normal Keys:
Shadow Labyrinth Key.
Shattered Halls Key.
The Arcatraz Key.

Heroic Keys:
Hellfire Citadel.
Coilfang Reservoir.
Tempest Keep.
Caverns of Time.

Raid Keys:
Karazhan key shards: 0/3
Complete Black Morass for Karazhan Key.

Get 355 Fishing skill (so I can catch Zangarian Sporefish).
Recipe: Elixir of Major Mageblood (so I can make all my own raid buffs).

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