Thursday, 8 December 2011

Collected musings

I'm enjoying patch 4.3. It's great (and sadly slightly surprising) to enjoy the new instances. While they're still new - and people still have use for the drops - they're both interesting and challenging.

Wipes do happen, and while there is some whinging people mostly accept it and carry on. This will all change once people are overgeared and just running them for the badges.

It occurs to me that when that happens I can just stop, and PvP for JPs - even though the exchange rate is a bit painful. I'd rather be playing against real people than just going through the motions with a group of people who'd rather not be there. I do though first need to get the caster shield and mail shoulders drops - they're my lowest iLevel pieces, and only upgradable there or in raids (or the troll heroics) :(

Grulnak still doesn't "feel right" in some instances, like Shadowfang. Shank on the other hand fits right in. In my (possibly odd) mind, it's OK for an orc to be in a dwarf / orc dungeon (like Blackrock) or an "open air" one, but human instances like Shadowfang or Karazhan needs an undead.

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