Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back from hiatus

Having geared Grulnak up to heroic healer levels with some serious instance grinding shortly after he dinged 85, I then went on hiatus. I've felt for a while that orc shamans are just out of place in instances and raids (although not battlegrounds) - "I want to gear up so I can see the content" just isn't an RP reason for instancing!

So I've been pondering just what character I would feel comfortable raiding with, and played some Eve Online.

Eve I liked, and probably would still be playing if not for what was for me a deal-breaker: the lack of collision detection. Fair enough, it's a standard MMORPG thing, but in Eve just feels wrong. The two most significant example are (1) how, when in warp, you can fly right through planets / moons and (2) similarly if you're fighting near a structure in space you'll often fly right through it in pursuit of your target. It's a silly thing to put one off a game, but that's personal preference for you.

So back to WoW and some decisions - for race it has to be Orc or Forsaken, for role it has to be tank or healer. For raiding motivation the only Orcs I can see fitting the bill are warlocks / mages, as in a quest for knowledge / power. I've tried playing Grulgok before with mercenary as the justification, and it just felt wrong. So that brought me to the Forsaken and after first levelling Bekket to 80 and then changing my mind I've now decided to make Shank my PvE main. Time permitting Grulnak will still see a look in as an explorer and battleground PvPer.

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