Thursday, 20 December 2007

Lots of Alterac Valley

My wife and I had a baby on the 30th Nov. At the moment life is very good, although rather tiring and I spend a lot of time being quite vague.

Raiding is clearly a no-no at the moment, although my wife has hinted that I may be able to start again in a few weeks, at least in moderation. I the meantime, when I have been able to log on to Warcraft I've been working the battlegrounds in order to keep my healing gear reasonably up to date.

While I'm concentrating on battlegrounds I've respecced to Enhancement, trying to do as much damage as possible with my Torn-heart Axe of Battle. Resto is just hopeless as a battleground spec - you can heal just fine, but if you try and do anything by yourself (such as re-cap a tower) you're stuffed, and elemental - though a powerful damage spec - is too immobile to be as useful as it should be. Also my enhancement gear is fairly good - nice blues with a few epics - from picking up unwanted mail dps gear from instances and raids.

Horde in my battlegroup are starting to work out that we can only win if we defend at least a little, and although there are still some games that are just hopeless I've recently seen an OK win ratio. Last night I was in an Alterac Valley battle that lasted over an hour, with the Horde successfully defending all of our towers for nearly the whole match. Towards the end the Alliance summoned their druids, which I think most players had forgotten was even possible. Unfortunately this put us onto the back foot, and the Alliance managed to take the opportunity to win a game they'd looked certain to lose. Still, it was nice to see a proper battle underway.

I've also managed to tick off a few more goals from my list, finally maxing out my cooking skill while doing a daily quest, killing the gronn so that I can do the Ogri'la dailies, and getting my Tidefury Gauntlets from a slightly painful but ultimately successful SV run.

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